Must-Have Items For A Flawless Autumn Look

Autumn is one of the most exciting times for fashion: even if you live in a climate where autumn is nothing more than another season, it’s still fun to try on some autumn looks and add seasonal accessories to your wardrobe. Find out what to get to prepare your style for the new season and shop for endless range of affordable fashion items.

Fall-colored bag

There is no such thing as too many bags in a women’s wardrobe, so getting a new one for autumn is always a good idea. This year handbags should incorporate one or more of the three biggest autumn trends: soft materials, rich earthy colors, and metal items. A mid-size shearling handbag with a gold chain strap in a navy, burgundy, brown, khaki, or dark violet color is a true autumn must-have.


Today the most popular type of autumn footwear are booties, and it’s not surprising at all — they are cute, comfortable, and can be worn with all kinds of clothes. You can get high-heeled booties, booties with a chunky heel, platform booties, or even open-toed booties for rocking autumn fashion even when it’s hot outside. The best pairings for your new booties are boyfriend jeans, leggings with tunics, and midi dresses.

Leather bottoms

Autumn may be the only time of the year when leather clothing feels appropriate — of course, we are not talking about leather jackets that can be worn all year round. Leather pants, skirts, shorts and leggings are made for autumn: they are fashionable, versatile, and can be worn even to the office, where you can pair them with a crisp white shirt and a beautiful colorful blazer.

Boyfriend jeans

Loose-fitting boyfriend jeans may feel too hot in the summer, but autumn is when they truly shine. Boyfriend jeans look awesome with just any top imaginable, from a studded crop top to a floral blouse. Jackets and coats are also very easy to pair with boyfriend jeans. As for the footwear, it’s best to go for something feminine for a cool contrast with the masculine shape of the jeans.


During the hot summer days you can’t even imagine wearing a scarf, but as soon as autumn comes, you can successfully wear a lightweight scarf with nearly any outfit. Wrap it around your neck a few times, let it hang loosely from your shoulders, or use it as a wrap on a particularly chilly autumn evening — a scarf is always a chic and trendy choice of an accessory.

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