More than beauty: popular hybrid SPA resorts

The holistic approach and the medical evidence base, energy practices and high-tech equipment – all this is in our review of the so-called hybrid spa resorts. Now they come here not just to indulge themselves. If you are looking for this type of services in Nigeria, visit Jiji! Here you will surely find the best option!


Osteopathy and Scandinavian walking as a way to raise your physical bar.

Continually improve the quality of life, maintain a good form in spite of stress, sedentary lifestyle, and unbalanced nutrition – these are the main goals of our contemporaries. In order to achieve them, while remaining in harmony with yourself and the world around you, you can choose a five-day training course of the Nescens Boot Camp. Osteopathy, which removes muscle blocks, balneotherapy and massages with hot and cold volcanic stones — the program is designed to teach us feel our body and develop it.


Macrobiotics, Reiki, cellular therapy and cognitive practices for self-healing.

Throughout the world, the Sha clinic is known as the mainstay of macrobiotics. But nutrition alone does not limit the holistic approach to recovery. After comprehensive screening, including primary tests, genetic examination, bone evaluation and even neurocognitive tests, they will propose you an individual program based on the knowledge of academic and oriental medicine. Work with energy biomagnetic fields is an integral part of the healing process.


Indian bath and shaman singing as a way to regain the lost connection with the planet.

By itself, a trip to the white beaches of the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan promises to restore the taste to life even to convinced cynics. But the rebirth will be incomplete without the real Indian temazcal ritual. Traditional steam room — hot and humid — symbolizes the bosom of the Earth and returns us to the origins. That’s why everything is being made in complete darkness under the shaman’s singing. Before the beginning of the ceremony, each guest receives a crystal of quartz, which is charged during the process with positive energy and then protects its owner.


Yoga-nidra, inner silence and meditation on the flame of a candle for the knowledge of «self».

Awareness is the key concept of ayurvedic philosophy, it is what we lack in everyday life. The program «Self-realization of dhyana» is aimed at the struggle with the «autopilot regime», which inevitably overtakes the inhabitants of megacities. Its goal is to learn your physical and mental abilities, to restore the psychophysical balance. Among the ancient practices inscribed in the seven-day course, svadhaya is especially interesting. This technique teaches us to contemplate ourselves through the prism of everyday cares. A really priceless skill!


How To Tell Human Hair From Synthetic Hair

Most ladies prefer human hair to synthetic strands when looking for wigs: it’s easier to manage and it’s simply better-looking. However, not many of us are able to tell genuine hair from fake at first glance. Find out how to spot real human hair and never fall for this trap again! Shop for genuine human hair at the best prices in Nigeria on Jiji.

Look at the price

Like most good things in life, genuine human hair can’t be cheap. If you’ve come across an ad claiming to sell real human hair wigs for an unrealistically low price, ask whether you can test this hair before buying. If it’s not possible and if there are no reviews to check before making an order, you can take the chance, but no one can guarantee that you’ll get real human hair.

Feel it

Hold a strand of wig hair in your hands. Feel it with your fingertips and stroke it. Synthetic hair is absolutely smooth, while natural hair will have some resistance in one direction due to the scales that create a rougher texture. Human hair is also considerably more durable than synthetic hair and will likely react better to being pulled — synthetic strands can simply tear while natural hair will show some resilience.

Look at it

Seasoned hairdressers and wig wearers can tell human hair from synthetic wigs by the shine: synthetic hair even of the highest quality tends to be much duller than human hair, which is naturally shiny. Another way to tell whether you’re looking at genuine human hair is slight discoloration: if there are strands or areas that are slightly different in color from the rest of the hair, it likely means that the hair was exposed to natural sunlight. Synthetic hair is usually colored very evenly.

Burn it

The most surefire way to tell what kind of hair you’re dealing with is to take a couple of hairs and set them on fire with a lighter or a match. Synthetic hair will melt slowly instead of burning and won’t produce nearly any smell, while genuine human hair will not only catch fire and curl into a ball very quickly, but will also produce the signature smell of burning hair that you’ll never forget even if you’ve smelled it once.

Check the tangles

The previous methods of telling human hair from synthetic one can be done before buying or right after making the purchase, but if they didn’t help, wear the wig for a couple of days and look at the hair to see whether there are tangles. Human hair will naturally tangle just a bit at the neck, but synthetic hair is much more prone to forming multiple tangles.